Prof. Dieter Braun
   Systems Biophysics, Functional Nanosystems
   Physics Department, Ludwig Maximilians University
   Amalienstr. 54, D-80799 München, Germany
   ++49 (0)89 2180 2317 (Fax -2050)

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Stefan Duhr Franz Weinert Philipp Christoph Wienken
Stefan Duhr
Franz Weinert Philipp Baaske
Christoph Wienken
Ingmar Schön
Philipp Reineck Mario Herzog Christof Mast Ingmar Schön
(now: ETH)

We are interested in open microscopic biosystems far away from thermodynamic equilibrium.

Our interest focusses on the effects of inhomogeneous temperature on biomolecules.

In the past, we studied for the first time thermophoresis of DNA, i.e. fast movement of
DNA from hot to cold in a temperature gradient. It can be used to accumulate DNA 
million-fold by thermal convection. A similar convection flow was later used to
implement a fast and small DNA replicating PCR reaction.

Both experiments are the foundation for new biotechnological approaches to diagnostics.
At the same time they show new ways for hypothesis on the origin of life in pores of
vulcanic rock at the ocean seafloor.

We will continue to explore new basic effects of microscopic temperature fields. For
example we want to use a sinusoidal temperature oscillation to yield a lock-in based
frequency space approach for kinetic measurements inside cells. 

Stefan Duhr and Philipp Baaske have founded the startup company NanoTemper Technologies
for thermophoretic and optical melting curve analytics.

What follows is a list of publications and a list of talks:

thermophoretic crystallization

Observation of Slip Flow in Thermophoresis
Franz M. Weinert and Dieter Braun,
Physical Review Letters 101, 168301 (2008)

Thermal Wave Pump

Microscale Fluid Flow Induced by
Thermoviscous Expansion Along a Traveling Wave

Franz M. Weinert, Jonas A. Kraus, Thomas Franosch and Dieter Braun,
Physical Review Letters 100, 164501 (2008)


Melting curve analysis in a snapshot
Philipp Baaske, Stefan Duhr and Dieter Braun,
Applied Physics Letters 91, 133901 (2007)

Hydrothermal Accumulation
From the cover:
Extreme Accumulation of Nucleotides
in Simulated Hydrothermal Pore Systems

Philipp Baaske, Franz M. Weinert, Stefan Duhr,
Kono H. Lemke, Michael J. Russell, Dieter Braun,
PNAS 104, 9346–9351 (2007)
Commentary by Eugene V. Koonin
PNAS 104, 9105-9106 (2007)

Size Determination of (Bio)conjugated Water-Soluble Colloidal Nanoparticles: A Comparison of Different Techniques
R. A. Sperling, T. Liedl, S. Duhr, S. Kudera, M. Zanella,
C.-A. J. Lin, W. H. Chang, D. Braun, and W. J. Parak,

J. Phys. Chem. C 111, 11552-11559 (2007)

Dhont et al
Thermodiffusion of Charged Colloids: Single-Particle Diffusion
Jan K. G. Dhont, Simone Wiegand, Stefan Duhr and Dieter Braun,
Langmuir 23, 1674-1683 (2007)

From the cover:
Why molecules move along a temperature gradient
Stefan Duhr and Dieter Braun,
19678–19682 (2006)
Commentary by Dean Astumian,
PNAS 104, 3-4 (2007)

Optothermal Molecule Trapping by Opposing Fluid Flow with Thermophoretic Drift
Stefan Duhr and Dieter Braun,
Physical Review Letters
97, 038103 (2006)
(Movie: DNA Accumulation)
Thermophoretic Distribution
Thermophoretic Depletion Follows
Boltzmann Distribution
Stefan Duhr and Dieter Braun,
Physical Review Letters 96, 168301 (2006)
Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics of
Wealth Condensation
Dieter Braun
Physica A, 369, 714-722 (2006)
(more on dedicated pages)
Convective polymerase chain reaction
around micro immersion heater
Martin Hennig and Dieter Braun,
Applied Physics Letters 87, 183901 (2005)
Discussed in Nature Methods 3, 8-9 (2006)
The Role of Metal Nanoparticles in
Remote Release of Encapsulated Materials

A.G. Skirtach, C. Déjugna, D. Braun, A.S. Susha,
A.L. Rogach, W.J. Parak, H. Möhwald, G.B. Sukhorukov,

Nano Letters 7:1371-1377 (2005)

Two-dimensional colloidal crystals
formed by thermophoresis and convection

Stefan Duhr and Dieter Braun,
Applied Physics Letters 86:131921 (2005)

Thermophoresis of DNA determined
by microfluidic fluorescence
Stefan Duhr, Silvia Arduini and Dieter Braun,
European Physical Journal E
15:277-286 (2004)
(Movie: DNA, Beads)

PCR by Thermal Convection
Dieter Braun, Modern Physics Letters B, 18:775-784 (2004)


Imaging Neuronal Seal Resistance on Silicon Chip
using Fluorescent Voltage-Sensitive Dye

Dieter Braun and Peter Fromherz,
Biophysical Journal 87:1351-1359 (2004)
(Movie of Membrane Voltage over Time)

Thermal force approach to molecular evolution
Dieter Braun and Albert Libchaber,
Physical Biology 1:P1-P8 (2004)

Lock-In by molecular multiplication
Dieter Braun and Albert Libchaber,
Applied Physics Letters 83:5554-5556 (2003)

Exponential DNA Replication by Laminar Convection
Dieter Braun, Noel L. Goddard and Albert Libchaber,
Physical Review Letters 91:158103 (2003)
(Article by Physical Review Focus) (Nature News Article)
(Movie: DNA Replication, Beads showing convection flow)


Multiplexed DNA Quantification by Spectroscopic Shift
of Two Microsphere Cavities
Frank Vollmer, Stephen Arnold, Dieter Braun,
Iwao Teraoka and Albert Libchaber,
Biophysical Journal 85:1974–1979 (2003)
(Article by Biophotonics International)


Trapping of DNA by Thermophoretic Depletion and Convection
Dieter Braun and Albert Libchaber,
Physical Review Letters 89:188103 (2002)
(Article in Physics Today Feb03, page2)  (Article in Biophotonics International) (Article in New Scientist 2Nov02)
(Movie: Trapping of Plasmid DNA, Trapping of 200nm Beads)
Computer-based Photon Counting Lock-In
for Phase Detection at the Shot Noise Limit
Dieter Braun and Albert Libchaber,
Optics Letters 27:1418-1420 (2002) 
Download LabView Source Code


Protein detection by optical shift of a resonant microcavity
F. Vollmer, D. Braun, A. Libchaber,
M. Khoshsima, I. Teraok and S. Arnold,
Applied Physics Letters 80:4057-4059 (2002)


Nontrivial Bookkeeping: a mechanical Perspective
Robert Fischer and Dieter Braun,
Physica A 324:266-271 (2003)
(more on dedicated pages)


Transfer Potentials shape and equilibrate Monetary Systems
Robert Fischer and Dieter Braun,
Physica A 321:605-618 (2003)
(more on dedicated pages)


No correlation of focal contacts and close adhesion by
comparing GFP-vinculin and fluorescence interference of DiI
Yoriko Iwanaga, Dieter Braun and Peter Fromherz,
European Biophysical Journal 30:17-26 (2001)


Fast Voltage Transients in Capacitive Silicon-to-Cell Stimulation
observed with a Luminescent Molecular Electronic Probe
Dieter Braun and Peter Fromherz,
Physical Review Letters 86:2905-2908 (2001)
(Movie of Membrane Voltage over Time)


Assets and liabilities are the momentum of particles
and antiparticles displayed in Feynman-graphs
Dieter Braun, 
Physica A 290:491-500 (2001)  (more on dedicated pages)


Adhesion Proteins for a Tight Neuron-Electrode Contact
Helga Sorribas, Dieter Braun, Lukas Leder, Peter Sonderegger, Louis Tiefenauer,
Journal of Neuroscience Methods 104:133-141 (2001).


Capacitive Stimulation of Mammalian Cells on Silicon Chips
imaged at Optical Resolution with Voltage-Sensitive Dyes
PhD thesis at the Technische Universität München (2000)


Fluorescence Interferometry of Neuronal Cell Adhesion
on Microstructured Silicon.
Dieter Braun and Peter Fromherz,
Physical Review Letters 81:5241-5244 (1998) (FLIC pages)

Fluorescence Interference-Contrast Microscopy
of Cell Adhesion on Oxidized Silicon.
D. Braun, P. Fromherz, 
Applied Physics A 65:341-348 (1997) (FLIC pages)


Untersuchung der Struktur der Silizium-Neuron-Kopplung durch Fluoreszenzfarbstoffe
Dieter Braun. Diplomarbeit at the Technische Universität München (1996)

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Physik Modern, University Munich (2004)
American Biophysics Conference, Baltimore (2004)
Rowland Institute, Boston (2003)
Japanese Biophysical Meeting, Nagaoka (2003)
American Biophysics Conference, San Antonio (2003)
Center for Studies in Physics and Biology, Rockefeller University, New York (2003)
Chemical Physics Seminar University of Pittsburgh (2003)
TRILab-Talk Rockefeller University, New York (2003)
Mainstreaming Microfluidics Meeting, Boston (2003)
Gordon Conference on Electrical Processes in Polymers (2002)
Biophysics Seminar Ludwig-Maximillians University Munich (2002)
International Meeting on Thermal Diffusion IMT5, Kopenhagen (2002)
Seminar of Courant Institute , New York University, New York (2001)
Modern Methods in Biology, Schlössmann-Seminar (2001)